About me

    I have more than 20 years experience buying and selling Classic and Sports Cars.
    I exported Worldwide, British and Italian cars mainly, but I have knowledge about American and Japanese cars also.
     As International Broker, i deal only with A1 conditions cars, usually low miles and not restored. But i can offer also lovely restored cars, as well modern and rare Supercars.
     I take care about Worldwide shipping by land, sea and air, working with the best specialized companies. 
     I can offer also technical services on each car and find the right model for the customer, working with my contacts around the World.
     I am a specialist in Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mercedes G-wagen, sold and delivered mainly to North America.

Recently i became BIRKIN Europe distributor and TAZZARI Electric Cars dealer for Canary Islands. But more news are to come!!

Now all the prices are in Bitcoins as we traide also with new crypto currencies system.